Designed and Made in The UK – Brand New Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Accurate Non-Invasive Pipework Measurements.

We are delighted to bring to our customers, our brand new multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauge for measuring thicknesses of various metals and plastics, the Portagauge® 5. This intuitive technology is accurate to 0.01mm and ignores paint coating up to 20mm in thickness, giving you the true metal only thickness with unbeaten accuracy.

It operates at different frequencies from 2.25 MHz – 7 MHz giving you the flexibility to test a wide range of wall thicknesses. With A-scan functionality and oscilloscope trace function, you can now observe your material condition and verify the correct return backwall echo based on the most accurate and reliable results for your pipework inspection.

You have the choice of choosing from 12 different materials from the pre-loaded material database, giving you immediate testing capabilities on a wide range of metals and plastics. There is also the option to input sound velocity to test custom materials. The LCD display has a backlight to allow you to work in those often dark, poor visibility spaces we know are difficult to efficiently inspect.

This instrument is ideal for both onshore & offshore applications. For offshore applications, the instrument meets Classification Society requirements for marine thickness gauging inspection equipment and it is housed in an IP65 enclosure.

Our innovative solution is the result of incorporating all the benefits of our previous ultrasonic thickness gauge range, to deliver a user-friendly, robust and accurate multiple echo thickness gauge on the market. Discover more today: or contact