MO4 introduces new vessel motion forecasting technology

At Offshore Energy 2017, new company MO4, powered by Siri Marine and Mocean Offshore, introduced a new vessel motion forecasting technology, enabling captains and OIM’s to use the full potential of their ships.

MO4 is considered a disruptive technology mainly for two reasons; it outperforms other systems in accuracy, and it is available both online and onboard and is extremely cost-effective. With this technology, vessels can navigate through complex weather situations. Studies have shown that with MO4, a 20% workability increase can be obtained for all weather critical operations.

Mark Paalvast from MO4 explained: “MO4 uses 2D wave spectra and a detailed hydrodynamic database. Combining these two leads to greater accuracy in ship motions predictions. Weather forecasts are conventionally compared with allowable wave height criteria. But these criteria are derived based on strongly simplified weather assumptions, based upon for example just one single weather system. When in reality, vessels are often confronted with wind and swell seas spreading over various directions. This traditional method of predicting is generally very conservative. MO4 takes everything into account, bridging the gap between ship motion desk studies and wave forecasting.”

Marleen Lenting from MO4 added: “In 90% of the cases, MO4 increases workability. In approximately 10% of the cases we have analysed we find that conventional cases were too optimistic. In those cases the MO4 system enhances the level of safety of the operation. A second bridged gap is between the theoretical models used and the operation at sea. A higher level of accuracy and confidence is achieved by training ship motion models with measured data. In doing so, the ever-present error between practice and theory is minimised.”

“The key in being successful is having an interface that is comprehensive for everybody. People need to be confident with the choices they make, when using any type of technology. This is just as important as the algorithms behind calculations.”