ARIMAR is now part of the LALIZAS FORCE

The LALIZAS Group of companies keeps on growing and proudly welcomes ARIMAR to its family, a European leader in the production of state-of-the-art life rafts.


In October 2019 and in the frame of wisely seizing opportunities, the group made one more strategic acquisition in order to expand its portfolio and to achieve further synergies between its companies.


Among the existing market leading brands of the group, Lofrans’, Nuova Rade, MAX POWER and OCEAN fenders, the new and strategic acquisition of ARIMAR, the Italian brand that has left its mark on the recreational marine market, will make a huge impact in the industry.


Since 1989, ARIMAR holds a dynamic position in the marine safety industry by producing avant-garde rafts that can cope with extreme sea and weather conditions. Developed for maritime safety professionals, each ARIMAR life raft guarantees safety, offered by a wide range of rafts for various needs and uses.


The Italian brand is now part of the LALIZAS Group, which has a long tradition and success in manufacturing life-saving equipment and in also distributing its superior quality products at competitive prices all around the globe, in more than 130 countries.


LALIZAS was founded by Mr. Stavros Lalizas on 1982, and still proudly preserves the character of a family owned business which continuously grows. In the past, LALIZAS has proven to be able to turn companies that acquires into successful and profitable businesses.


For every new acquisition made, there is an “acquisition and implementation team” formed under the leadership of Mr. Lalizas himself, which takes care of the integration process making the new business part of the LALIZAS Group, and has the task of finding any synergies between the new business unit and the current activities of the group.


Mr. Lalizas, CEO, commented: “The partners of the LALIZAS Group can feel safe, not only by the use of our products, but by knowing that they are working with a trustworthy company that they can rely on. Our plan is to make strategic acquisitions that can achieve effective synergies with our already existing companies.”


For us, Safety is not just a product, it is an ongoing process!