Brazil-based Sea Star Ship Suppliers – the local and global ship supply company

Founded in the Port of Santos, Brazil 1999, Sea Star Ship Suppliers Ltd specialises in a comprehensive range of products and ship services for ship owners and ports both locally and globally.

Apart from specialising in naval supplies, Sea Star serves the cargo and cruise ship sectors with products, supplies and marine equipment. The strategically-located company has extensive storage facilities and a 600m² warehouse and provides a 24/7 service using its large fleet of trucks – including refrigerated trucks for maintaining the temperature of food and provisions – all of which are coordinated by the company’s logistics intelligence department.

The Port of Santos, which is located between the cities of Santos and Guarujá , in the state of São Paulo, is the main Brazilian port. The port handles more than 50% of Brazil’s GDP. Apart from the Port of Santos, Sea Star is a key supplier to the Brazilian Ports of Rio de Janeiro, Paranagua, Guarujá and Sao Sebãstião River, where it has its own partners and in some cases its own facilities in these key Brazilian hubs.

Sea Star specialises in provisions – from  frozen  and export quality products to fresh fruit and vegetables and bonded stores – technical  stores ranging from hand, electrical and pneumatic tools and goods, to bearings, pipes, steel plates and cutting tools, electrical goods and motors, bearings, compressors, wire ropes, cleaning materials and chemicals, packing and packaging materials, painting and safety equipment, office equipment and supplies, pipes and tubes and pipe repair equipment, pneumatic tools, ship chandlery, diving equipment, anchors, chains and fenders, hardware, hand tools, hydraulic systems, instrumentation, measurement and calibration equipment, lubricants and synthetics among others.

The company says that by coordinating its daily business activities with its own planning team and in-house fleet of trucks enables it to carry goods and supplies in a fast and safe manner and at a  lower cost than other companies as the operations do not involve third party costs.

Sea Star Ship Suppliers is a member of ISSA, the International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA), ABFN, the Marine Suppliers Marketplace, ShipServ and SEAVENDORS.COM.