Coltraco Ultrasonics wins Fire Innovation of the Year Award

Coltraco Ultransonics, a London-based company which manufactures portable ultrasonic liquid level indicators to check how much gas is in fire-extinguishing cylinders onboard vessels, has been named winner of the Fire Innovation of the Year award at the SHE (Safety & Health Excellence) Awards for its Portasteele Calculator.

The company said it was delighted and humbled to be chosen by the judges from among a group of fellow leading fire industry players with top calibre technology.

CEO, Dr Carl Hunter (pictured), and Head of Marketing & Communications, Clare Hunter, attended the prestigious awards ceremony and gala dinner at the VOX, NEC Birmingham on 11th April.  Dr Hunter said after winning the award that he was honoured that Coltraco Ultrasonics’ Research & Development into the innovative Portasteele product was being recognised for delivering enhanced safety to people, assets and infrastructure.

Traditionally, cylinders are manually weighed by turning off and dismantling each one, which may be risky and is time-consuming. To solve the problem, Coltraco Ultrasonics developed the innovative 8th generation Portalevel MAX, a handheld ultrasonic liquid indicator to inspect CO2, clean agents and more liquefied gaseous agents by just one person in 30 seconds. Combined with the Portasteele Calculator, these liquid level heights are converted into the weight of the agent. It is the first level indication method to take account of the temperature effect on the agent height.