Den-Jet – There is no substitute

Are you having problems with PORT CAPTAINS, CHARTERS, IMO RULES or INVESTORS? Could it be that your vessels are not maintained to the standard they should be? And do you have the same problem as any other person involved in operating vessels – CORROSION.

Prevention of corrosion begins from the steel construction of your vessel and finishes with the final coating. All coatings have to be regarded as passive protection and are often mechanically damaged by cargo operation. Low paint thickness or improper surface preparation can also result in corrosion. RUST CREATES RUST. Fighting rust must start as early as possible – this is the only way to safeguard your vessel and keep her in good shape.

The repair of mechanical damages and corrosion in general with high pressure equipment is the quickest and best solution you can get. The efficiency relies entirely at the energy of the water striking the surface. Water blasting is safe and environmentally friendly. The water blasted surfaces are always of a better quality than any hand or power tooled surface – free of salt, contaminations and osmoses – our coating simply last longer………

Den-Jet Marine has, as a manufacturer, taken this challenge by developing a range of water blasters for On Board Maintenance to assist in fighting corrosion. The method used has taken into consideration that much larger surface areas have to be maintained thus minimising the time factor. It has to be simple to operate and simple to maintain. All our equipment is made for marine use – we are not an industrial player who ventured into marine by accident – we started out as a marine supplier.

We have made special units for container vessels due to space concerns, special units to product carriers (ATEX units) taking the safety aspect into account and developed special accessories for bulkers (cargo tank cleaning). All units are supplied with general documentation as well as manuals especially for the Bosun and service videos. Den-Jet supplies complete packages for “plug and play” – no excuse from the crew not to use it.  We focus on the marine and do nothing else – that makes us special.

We have a range of water blasters from 200 bar for cleaning applications to 2500 bar unit for blasting to suit your needs. We know we can assist you to keep the value of your vessels intact.