LUKOIL Marine Lubricants celebrates a double award win for Innovation

LUKOIL Marine Lubricants has successfully taken home two awards which recognise its continual development and contributions within the marine industry.

It received two awards in the category of innovation. The first was the Technology/Innovation Award at the Fifth Annual Maritime Standard Awards, for developing and enhancing the iCOlube unit; the second received at Dubai Maritime Summit, where the team took home the Dubai Maritime Innovation Award, for their pioneering efforts to advance creativity and innovation in the local maritime sector.

June Manoharan, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants’ Director, who attended both ceremonies, commented on the recent wins: “We are very honoured and grateful to receive this appreciation of our work. We are extremely proud of how far we have come as an organisation; within just ten years of operation we have already positioned ourselves as a technology leader.”

For example, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants was the first lubricant supplier in the market to realise and react to a new concern of engine manufacturers that the 40 BN lubricants available in the market did not seem to provide sufficient detergency to handle 0.1 and 0.5% fuels. Offering a solution to this problem for the years leading up to 2020 and beyond, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants launched NAVIGO MCL Extra in May 2017, a 40 BN marine cylinder oil for distillate, ultra-low Sulphur fuel oil (<0.1%S) and very low Sulphur heavy fuel oil applications.

iCOlube, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants’ onboard unit for intelligent cylinder oil lubrication, tailors the alkalinity reserve of the cylinder oil in use to engine load and fuel. The feed rate does not have to be adjusted. It always stays at optimum level while only the fuel sulphur content needs to be entered. This maintains the engine in best condition, reduces oil costs, saves fuel, is environmentally friendly and ensures easy and time saving engine operation. In view of lubricant solutions for 2020 and beyond, LUKOIL Marine has even gone one step further and is now offering their iCOlube unit with an additional option: iCOlube can now be operated with NAVIGO MCL Extra.

“Our products and solutions have been a result of listening and reacting to the needs and wants of our customers and the industry as a whole. Receiving these awards is confirmation that we are doing a great job and will only further motivate us to continue to do so,” Ms Manoharan concluded.