Moons Marine

Your better choice for supplying all of South Korea
Established August 2000

For the past 17 years we have worked hard and established ourselves in Inchon as marine service and merchants for the sale of general goods.

For many years we have also worked as marine service company manager, doing considerable business with the commercial shipping sector in this capacity.

Having good relationships with all the leading business houses here, we are confident that we can deal satisfactorily with any commissions with which you may entrust us.

We can handle all matter of enquiries, whether by telephone, Telex and post, and will respond immediately to any requests we receive.

Items we can supply include:


  1. Frozen Meat & Fish
  2. Fresh Vegetable / Fruits
  3. Daily Food


  1. Cigarette
  2. Liquor
  3. Beverage

Ship Store

  1. Deck Store
  2. Engine Store
  3. Cabin Store
  4. Safety Equipment

Tel: +82 32 777 7782 3
Fax: +82 32 777 7785