Moscord recruits Rosenkrands as it gears up to transform maritime procurement

Moscord has recruited Lars Rosenkrands, former CEO of SevenSeas Group and CEO and founder of Wave Shipping, as Commercial Director as it looks to accelerate its drive to become ‘the Amazon of shipping’.

Moscord aims to disrupt established, inefficient and expensive procurement practices by creating a direct connection between manufacturers/suppliers and their customer base. This is achieved through an online maritime market place where users browse, assess and order the exact type and quality of product they need (ranging from consumables, to engine parts, safety equipment, tools and uniforms) without the need to go through traditional ship supply firms.

The result is significantly cheaper products for customers, direct links to the market for suppliers, and a simplified, efficient and highly transparent procurement process for all parties.

According to Moscord Founder and CEO Freddy Ingemann (pictured), Mr Rosenkrands can be a key figure in realising the huge potential of this transformative market concept.

“Lars has over 30 years of high profile experience within the shipping and maritime service industry, and I’ve known him personally for much of that time,” Mr Ingemann said. “He has proven expertise of logistics, business development, procurement processes and much more, backed up by an intimate understanding of the needs of both suppliers and customers.

“We’re assembling a team of senior, ambitious and respected industry executives to demonstrate that there’s ‘a better way’ to conduct shipping supply procurement. Lars is exactly the calibre of individual we need to help take us on to the next stage of development and truly maximise industry impact.”

Moscord’s maritime retail platform already offers over 100,000 quality products, a number that Mr Rosenkrands will be seeking to multiply through the expansion of both the supplier and customer network. By eradicating the need for ‘middlemen’ through a direct selling channel, costs can be greatly reduced (by around 20%) and significant efficiencies achieved, as Mr Ingemann explained: “Aside from the financial benefits, there’s also no need to obtain quotes from multiple suppliers – suddenly everything is online, accessible and completely transparent in pre-priced catalogues. This means customers, and suppliers, can focus their time and resources on conducting core activities, rather than wasting it on administration.

“This is nothing necessarily ‘new’,” he adds, “it’s how we buy more and more of our everyday products, but that isn’t the case in the needlessly complicated and opaque world of shipping procurement. Until now that is. We aim to revolutionise the market and transform standard practices. We see this as an inevitable step forward for our industry and, with the people, products and infrastructure now in place, we’re determined to lead the way.”

Moscord is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Copenhagen and the Philippines. Rosenkrands, who has also worked for Maersk, Incrementum Capital Partners, Inchcape Shipping Services, Wilhelmsen Ship Services, ShipServ and Sinwa, will be based out of the firm’s Singapore hub.

Moscord’s cutting edge supply and logistics solutions allows chosen products to be delivered worldwide at times and locations to fit vessel schedules, minimising any potential downtime. The team has targeted seizing 10% of the entire global ship supply sector, within its relevant categories, over the course of the next five years.