PTR Holland Group – protecting life and property at sea

All our products are being tested constantly to offer you the highest possible quality products.

PTR Holland Group has more than 30 years’ experience in the production of MED & USCG approved pilot-embarkation (rope) ladders for marine and offshore industry. Furthermore according to IMPA and ISSA we currently stock more than 12,000 different products and counting and we also participate in food waste transport.

Since 1967 we have been committed to the safety of life and property at sea and have been serving the marine, offshore & oil and gas industries worldwide ever since. We are a progressive and positive company and share the same vibe with our colleagues and clients. We acknowledge our clients as an integral part of the company and consider their needs as our prime focus. We believe in everything is possible through dedication and hard work. At PTR we don’t just sell but assist our clients to choose the right product.

  • Fast delivery, best service, lowest prices, contact us 24/7
  • PTR Holland Group has more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of rope ladders
  • PTR’s MED and USCG approvals cover the full range of pilot and embarkation ladders for the marine and offshore industries
  • We have an extensive stock of ISSA and IMPA listed ship stores – currently in excess of 12,000 line articles
  • We also participate in food waste transportation

We are totally immersed in the marine and offshore industries and fully understand their demanding equipment needs in terms of the extensive programme of products that we can manufacture and/or supply from stock. We also recognise that the equipment requirement is continuously evolving and there is an ongoing flow of regulations relevant to ships and oil rigs.

Where the associated products match our capabilities, PTR Holland actively works to bring appropriate equipment into our programmes and to the market. Invariably this will include a significant financial and time investment to meet the inspection or other approval needs to the classification society or other regulatory associations. PTR recognises that well motivated and adequately training and experienced staff, both in the factory, but also in the commercial and administrative department, are key to the company’s ongoing success.