TURSSA, with Sustainability Awareness in Its 20th Anniversary…

TURSSA (Turkish Ship Suppliers Association), is the representative of ship supply industry of Turkey,
was established on 4th July 2003. TURSSA, which has been in cooperation with ISSA and OCEAN for
many years, is the bridge of national members and international ship supply chain.
Turkey’s geopolitical position, where international shipping business is busy, provides a great natural
advantage to Turkish Ship Supply Sector. Turkey has a strategic location and straits function, so it is
described as an important corridor. Bosphorus & Dardanelles are the only sea passages to the Black
Sea thus they make Istanbul a critical maritime point. Because of this, TURSSA has an important
responsibility not only in domestic but also in international area. Established in the year 2003 with a
view to supporting its members, enabling fulfillment of global trade functions, registration of business
organization standards and reflecting the strong vision of being in alliance, TURSSA has an important
mission since that time. So, it has a justifiably proud to reach its 20th year.
2023 is a special year for TURSSA, due to its 20th anniversary. When we look at the past 20 years since
its establishment, its strength has been improving by adding new members from year to year and it
has 36 members at present. TURSSA, with the leadership of Chairman Zihni Memisoglu, especially in
the latest period through pandemic process, fully supported its members and the whole sector.
After 20 development oriented years, the critical question for us is that: what about next 20 years for
the ship supply sector? Anniversary is more than a proud celebration for us and we are sure that new
responsibilities and new challenges will come with it.
As all we know, in all over the world, there is a huge change in business terms and conditions in many
sectors also in ship supply sector, as well. First of all, there is a great differentiation in the supply chain
after the pandemic process. Also, the world economic outlook is described as “uncertain” for the
coming period, due to not only from economic conditions but also jeopolitical crises. So, under this
conditions, both advanced and devoloping countries must have new strategies to have oppurtunity in
competition. In the coming period, these headlines will take place on the agenda of the Turkish Ship
Supply Sector and therefore TURSSA.
But much more important than all these issues, the concept “sustainability” takes a rapid place in our
lives not only for person but also for companies. Sustainability is defined as “meeting the needs of the
present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Mostly it is
thought as just related with the environment, but we know that social and economic dimensions are
the other main principles of sustainability.
Furthermore, as a huge part of ecosystem, marines is the important part of sustainability. In this
context, as TURSSA, with its whole members, has a high awareness about sustainability. With 3R
principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) of sustainability; we aim to save natural resources, energy and
money. We know the importance of keeping natural materials, products and services in circulation as
long time as possible.
So, TURSSA encourages their members to achieve the International Organization for Standardisation’s
(ISO) certifications about quality management system, environmental subjects, occupational health
and safety management and others. We accept highly experienced firms to be our member with some
membership criterias in order to keep competition with high quality in the sector. Turkish ship supply
sector, as a service bridge between suppliers and shipping sector, tends to supply and advise using of
recycling products, such as glass instead of plastic items. Waste management is another important
headline for our sustainability awareness. Also, we know the importance of eco friendly and recycled
packaging preference in ship supply sector which has a business sturucture where thousands of
different products are purchased in small or big quantities from a wide variety of sources. Also, social
equality, social welfare, high percent of female employment in the ship supply sector are other
subjects, we focus our attention on. In addition, in its 20th year, TURSSA conducts sectorial survey
among its members in order to determine collective steps about sustainability.
Thank you for sharing our 20th anniversary excitement. We wish to reach new 20 years and
anniversaries with your partnership.
With our best regards to all Ship Supply Sector..

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