AMI Marine are proud to announce our official partnership with Coltraco

AMI Marine products are about vessel safety within Bridge and Navigation systems. Coltraco is the perfect accompanying brand, with world-leading ultrasonic testing tools – protecting vessel fire control systems and most importantly, the crew!

Sinking and Fire are the 2 main reasons ships are lost at sea.


Coltraco’s Portascanner™ Watertight is the portable Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity indicator. You use it to test watertight and weather-tight seals. It is also ideal for checking the hatch-covers, doors, cable transit areas, scuttles, flanges, shell doors, steering gear hatches, etc. Designed primarily to enhance the ease and accuracy of use.  Therefore, allowing critical watertight, airtight, or weather tight seals to be inspected for leak sites. Also, for areas of reduced compression in the seal.

  • Identifies leaks as small as 0.06 mm ± 0.02 mm
  • Non-intrusive ultrasonic technology
  • ABS Type Approval & RINA Accepted
  • Class Approved


Coltraco’s core capability in fire safety is the Portalevel™ Max, which is an ultrasonic liquid level indicator. It is specially designed for users looking to identify the liquid level in large storage cylinders. Also, containers with particularly large agent mass, and those requiring UL Approval. This is the fastest, most powerful, and most user-friendly ultrasonic liquid level indicator ever produced by Coltraco. The 8th Generation technology testing procedure is short and simple, therefore making the process of inspecting cylinder content efficiently fast.

  • Fast operation. Service a cylinder in under a minute
  • Ultrasonic technology with No radiation and is non-intrusive
  • Accurate to 1.5mm off the true liquid level
  • Complies IMO SOLAS & FSS Code Chapter

Company Values and Innovation

Coltraco is a multi-award-winning British company and like AMI Marine, they have strong family and ethical values. We are proud to join them officially as their UK distributor.

As a fellow British manufacturer, AMI also has created a good number of new products.

The X2 Voyage Data Recorder is one of our flagship products, and it meets the demands of industry standards at an economical price. Additionally, in recent years we have launched a wide range of Mini Data Recorders, designed to meet the needs of smaller vessels and port state control offices. 

Our latest release product is the X-VCR Paperless Course Recorder, which saves all data which can be played back by the user as required. Though a printer with paper is not required for the X-VCR, it can be supplied as required. Additionally, AMI will be launching the all new SMIDS MK3 docking and large vessel speed measurement system, a completely revised version of the ever popular current SMIDS system, containing additional vessel safety functions and capabilities.

For more information please contact AMI Marine today on or call +44(0)2380 480450 or visit our website