Fast & Independent Liferaft Exchange: Liferaft Compliance as a Service by LALIZAS

Already with 40 years’ experience and knowledge of supplying the maritime & safety industry, LALIZAS keeps on innovating and now introduces the Fast & Independent (F&I) Liferaft Exchange

Having years of experience in the global market, by manufacturing and distributing lifesaving equipment worldwide, LALIZAS pays particular attention to listening & then to understanding their Partners’ needs, providing them with solutions that optimise a vessel’s operations. 

LALIZAS F&I is a unique proposal to Ship Managers/Owners for a simple and fast liferaftexchange with no contract no commitment from the Ship Manager’s/Owner’s side. 

F&I embraces the most beneficial aspects of the traditional liferaft ‘ownership’ model while also offering the operational benefits of liferaft‘exchange’.

As a member of the F&I Liferaft Exchange by LALIZAS, when a Ship Manager/Owner needs a number of liferafts, they can make the request to LALIZAS and will be then provided with immediate ownership of newly serviced & fully approved liferafts of same capacity & type with the ones that are currently on board (utilizing current stowage/cradle arrangements), ensuring the vessel’s compliance with the IMO standards.

F&I is available in key ports around the world, with the support of 95+ Liferaft Service Stations authorised by LALIZAS as well as a great number of exchange locations & collection points. 

Regardless of the location where the exchange operation may take place, F&I offers the convenience of a single point of contact, which is LALIZAS, both for the management of liferafts’ due dates (monitoring system of 90-60-30 days) as well as forinvoicing.

F&I has been designed without the need of complex agreements (no entry or exit costs) being purely customer centric. This is a genuine alternative to the traditional ‘ownership-service’ or to the ‘no ownership-rental’ offer which currently exists in the market today.

LALIZAS has appointed Malcolm Barratt as F&I Liferaft Network Development Manager.

Mr. Barratt will be working closely with the Maritime Companies Commercial Department developing new business opportunities in the frame of the F&I. 

Mr. Barratt, commented: “F&I is not about to takethe place of the traditional ownership Service or Rental of rafts way of working with liferafts – if you consider that approximately two thirds of all liferaftsin the world market are still owned by vessels and get a service when due. Likewise, the just less than one third of the global fleet that are not owned by a vessel and are in rental contracts are great for a certain type or profile of Customer. F&I is more a genuine alternative, a third way of working and it is this ‘revolution in the making’ that convinced me to join LALIZAS and to play some small part in delivering this to our industry”. 

Malcolm Barratt has been working within the maritime industry for more than 15 years, having experienced pivotal moments & changes. He had worked with Wilhelmsen Safety Services (WSS) and Survitec, being actively involved in the liferafts’ market. 

LALIZAS is more than delighted to welcome Malcolm to #thelalizasforce!

F & I, along with the solid experience of Malcom, will bring more towards the marine safety industry & LSA generally by simplifying & focusing on providing a ‘Service’; for F&I that service is simple: constant compliance

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