Garrets International – your global provisions and stores management partner

Garrets is the leading provision and stores management partner to the global shipping community. We serve almost 2,000 vessels around the world with high focus on quality based on an agreed daily rate. We take care of each provisioning and non-consumable needs our customers may require, and work closely with each vessel and owner in order to establish a good and long-lasting partnership.

With stores management we are expanding our offering to include the purchasing of general consumer goods from tools to workwear and kitchen equipments. We will help the ship stay within budget by buying at the right prices from the right places.

We supply in more than 715 ports across 113 countries. We aim to be your global provisions and stores management partner world wide.

Providing a better standard of living at sea

At Garrets, the seafarers is our main asset – each day we serve more than 35,000 seafarers around the world – which therefore seems natural for us to provide training programs for chefs both ashore and online, on-board galley audits, as all this helps raise the standard of living at sea.

We guide each vessel via healthy menu planning, and offer recipes through our innovative online cookbook, which is continuously updated with new recipes, preplanned menus and the possibility of creating your own menu plan. Additionally, it is filled with many useful sidebars and tips. Further education of chefs is top focus for Garrets. We work closely with our customers to support chef training to create better crew welfare. We aim to train the next generation of cooks!

Focus on availability

At Garrets, we do our utmost to help and support at any time. Our 24/7 service makes it possible for our seafarers to always reach us.

We want to utilize our market leadership to try to take part in how industry develops, to improve the services we offer to our customers and the crew we serve.

Garrets – your partner at sea!

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