Garware: Lighter Ropes for Unmatched Performance

Lighter Ropes for Unmatched Performance                   Feather like Rope with strength of steel

With the increasing vessel sizes and the demand on faster cargo movement with lower idle time; the shipping industry would need better ropes. The bulk and diameter of the ropes need reduction for easier handling. Another big challenge is to improve safety on board – by reducing damages due to rope backlash.

Garware Wall Ropes Limited redefines the paradigm of mooring and towing ropes with its latest application focussed   X2 range of ropes.

Crafted with blended polymers and special processing techniques; the X2 ropes are designed with special care to deliver unmatched performance beyond strength.

The ropes deliver high value effectiveness due to higher strength to weight ratio; very high TCLL value and low snapback.

X2 ropes deliver approx. 18% lower weight thus reducing rope dia. By a whopping 4-6mm for same strength enabling faster handling and less crew fatigue.

The special rope geometry ensures high TCLL value which should deliver prolonged life and ability to take multiple loads

To ensure higher rope life and excellent multiple load absorption property, X2 ropes are engineered with Higher TCLL value.

Snap backs are lower due to Low Energy Absorption, Thus making X2 ropes easier to handle and safer for the crew.

X2 Ultra ropes specially designed keeping in mind the Tug Joining time reduction and better safety on board due to reduce recoil effectmaking the Towing operation much safer and easier.

X2 Ultima ropes are specially designed Oil Tanker industry keeping in mind the strict adherence with the norms of the industry.


We also manufacture ropes made from Dyneema (World’s Strongest Fibre) made by DSM, Netherlands, for Shipping, Towing industry and is offered under our Brand Name PLATEENA.

Supplied with various protective covers, these ropes are widely used for its advantages of lighter weight, Low snap back and ease of operation

Our other products for shipping industry includes Gangway nets, Cargo Handling netssupplied as per international standards and quality.

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