Get to know ship supplier Klevenberg

Located in one of the largest and most advanced ports in the world, Klevenberg Shipping Center provides literally anything that is needed aboard a vessel, for both ocean-going and inland shipping.

Besides our headquarters in Rotterdam, we have international offices in Houston and Antwerp. Due to these key positions it is possible for us to optimise our operations and maximise our performances in the market. Service provision is our business – in the most fundamental sense of the word.

Achieving this in today’s high-tech environment obviously requires the most advanced technical resources: purpose-made software, administration packages, logistic devices and so forth. But the most important aspect of all – supporting our customers in the best possible way with our logistic services – always comes first.

How do we achieve this?

Klevenberg Shipping Center operates on two main principles: letting go of the past and – strangely enough – clinging to that very same past. Odd as this may sound, it’s true. Throughout its history, Klevenberg has always been one of the first companies in the industry to adopt improvements. And we have certainly not been averse to devising some improvements of our own: enhanced clarity of logistic systems, improvement of administrative processes, transparent price-fixing, and supporting software. Any new technique that can elevate ship supply to a higher level of performance is embraced without delay.

We are ISO 22000 certified

ISO 22000 is an international standard which outlines the requirements for a food safety management system for all organisations within the food chain. It involves interactive communication, system management, prerequisite programs and HACCP principles.


Our trade is service provision in the most fundamental sense of the word

As we said before, we also have a great respect for tradition. We can see that many providers in today’s market are losing sight of the very essence of our trade; sometimes even relinquishing it deliberately. And that essence has a name: service. Our trade is service provision in the most fundamental sense of the word. Jørgen Thorsen, our Managing Director, has described the essence of our company in his own special way: “we want to earn a little bit of money every day, not a whole lot in one go’’.