Hempel appoints new Group Director for Research & Development

Worldwide coatings manufacturer Hempel has announced the appointment of Nigel Shewring as its new Group Director of Research & Development (R&D). Nigel joins the company to ensure all Hempel’s future innovations deliver clear competitive advantages and to further develop its product portfolio to support ongoing organic growth.

Nigel’s key responsibilities include managing the overall activities in Hempel’s 15 R&D centres around the world, and ensuring that Hempel’s global R&D organisation delivers innovative solutions to its customers across the globe.

Steen Hoff, Hempel’s Acting Director of Operations said: “We are delighted to welcome Nigel to the Hempel family. I believe Nigel has what it takes to drive our R&D organisation and to retain its position as one of the best in the industry. We already offer some of the most successful products to customers around the world, and Nigel will help make sure that we stay one step ahead in our product research and development.”

R&D staff work in Hempel’s laboratories researching and developing new coating solutions, and also provide high-level technical support to colleagues and customers globally.

“The world of coatings is very complex and our experts play a crucial role when it comes to sharing knowledge about both challenges and solutions in our industry. Nigel will help ensure that we continue to develop both our own and our customers’ understanding of the technology of coatings in the best way possible,” said Mr Hoff.

Mr Shewring has over 23 years of R&D experience in a global industrial coatings environment. He has a proven track record of leading innovation in strategic partnerships as well as developing and leading high-performance organisations. He holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Durham and a PhD. in Material Science from Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

When not visiting one of Hempel’s 15 R&D and test centres around the world, Nigel Shewring will be based in Hempel’s headquarters near Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, Hempel is currently constructing a new R&D centre, which will house around 100 international researchers.