New IMO Signs Safety Officer’s Guide by LALIZAS

LALIZAS holds a leading position in the maritime and safety market with 40 years’ experience and expertise in manufacturing lifesaving equipment.

LALZIAS recently updated the IMO Signs & Low Location Lights (LLL) Products & Services, creating a brand new Safety Officer’s Guide, with more than 3.000 IMO Signs, assisting you to choose the right design, dimensions and materials to place on board.

This Guide will also help you understand in detail the Signs & LLL Systems, explaining you the reasons they are mandatory for the crew and passenger’s safety.

LALIZAS follows the most updated International Standards, keeping a high quality of its Products & Services with certified materials as a warranty for a safe vessel.

The quality of LALIZAS Signs is ensured by a rigorous process of quality control and tests in all applicable norms.

Additionally, LALIZAS technical team provides the Study of Vessel’s Plan, On board Inspection, On board Installation, Luminance Performance Measurement, Maintenance & Certification of your LLL Systems.

You can find the brand new IMO Signs Safety Officer’s Guide here:  

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