New refrigerated room at the facilities of Colombian Ship Supplier

August 8, 2020, the new refrigerated room at the facilities of Colombian Ship Supplier S.A.S. COSS, located on the road to Mamonal Km 6, industrial park Parquiamerica in Cartagena, Colombia, with storage capacity of 25 cubic meters, in which we can keep refrigerated fruits, vegetable products, vegetables, processed foods, protein foods, fats, oils, dairy products and beverages, for its correct storage and final disposal to all our customers guaranteeing the delivery of our products with the best quality, meeting the standards for food handling. Complementary to this COSS has prepared an area for the storage of frozen food with the use of 5 freezers for products, fruit pulp, sausagesand fast food pre-cooked, all this in order to increase our installed capacity and meet all requirements from national and international customers. During the past weeks, Supplier of Colombian ships COSS received inspection visits from DIMAR in the ports of Buenaventura, Santa Marta and Barranquilla, as part of the requirements
established to continue operating as a supply company for vessels arriving in Colombia and nationwide, these proceedings were carried out with the support of the administrative and operational staff of each Branch office, as well as Mr. Rafael Ramírez, COSS National Director, who attended this procedure, complying with all the requirements demanded by