Provisions and ship stores at your fingertips with ISSA’s new hard copy and digital catalogues

ISSA has published its first ever Provisions & Bonded Stores Catalogue, enabling smoother ordering of a wide range of international food and drink.

Vessel operators, ships’ officers and catering teams will be now be able to identify the universal ISSA ordering code for thousands of food stores and fresh produce, thereby streamlining their ordering process – crucial at a time when port calls in many parts of the world are subject to restrictions.

The ever-popular ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue, packed with up to 60,000 items, has been updated ready for the next decade and now includes products for the Polar Code and Super Yacht sectors, with all products sing ISSA’s unique item numbering system.  All items are clearly and easily indexed and carry their own photographs in order to speed up the ordering process.

And, in an exciting new development, ISSA will soon publish fully digital versions of both catalogues to facilitate online ordering.

Announcing the publication of the new catalogues, Saeed Al Malik, President of ISSA said: “The ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue has long been regarded as an essential tool for ship operators. We know our customers all over the world find having the code for thousands of international products at their fingertips speeds up the ordering process for them as well as streamlining the purchasing process with ship suppliers around the globe. We are pleased to bring this new, updated version to the market and delighted that, for the first time, we are also able to publish a Provisions & Bonded Stores Catalogue which we believe will be extremely beneficial to the shipping industry.”

The 2020 ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue has been revised and updated and the design enhanced to make reading clearer. Now available in a single hardback volume, the ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue 2020 costs €180 & postage.

The unique ISSA Provisions and Bonded Stores Catalogue is also available in robust, hardback form at a price of €150 & postage. Both are available from the ISSA secretariat by emailing: ISSA members receive a 20% discount and further bulk order discounts are available.