Rivertrace showcases products at Asia Pacific Maritime

UK-based water quality monitoring specialists Rivertrace will showcase its Smart PFM 107 Oil-in-Water Monitor and Smart Turbidity Monitor at Asia Pacific Maritime in Singapore next week (14th to 18th March).

The Smart PFM 107 Oil-in-Water Monitor measures particulates in the sample stream on a continuous basis by passing the process fluid through a proprietary photo optical measuring cell, developed by Rivertrace Technologies.

Using a combination of optical recognition algorithms and light intensity, it is possible to differentiate between oil particles, gas/air bubbles and solid particulates in the range 0-500 microns.

Oil concentration, pressure, temperature and oil alarm status are displayed on an easy to read LCD touch screen display and concentrations, alarms and any faults are logged and stored within the system to comply with the reporting requirements of IMO resolution MEPC 107 (49) and can be accessed remotely or downloaded onto a pc via LAN or USB for further analaysis.

The Smart Turbidity Monitor utilises the ‘Smart Cell’ Detector Array Technology, developed by Rivertrace technologies to accurately analyse the quality of the sample stream and outputs the turbidity value in nephelometer turbidity units (NTU). Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid caused by large numbers of individual particles that are generally invisible to the naked eye.