Safety is William Hackett’s watchword


In the challenging world of hoisting, safety must be the watchword.

And for William Hackett launching their new Quad Pawl Chain hoist technology innovation is driving the safety agenda.

Dubbed ‘WH C4 QP’ this latest design provides onshore operators with increased levels of safety and better performance.

Designed for critical lifting applications that are onshore where resilience to failure and fine tolerance adjustment are essential, the WH C4 range of chain hoists are the only ones to incorporate a QP mechanism for onshore use and endurance tested to twice the required industry norm.

Three significant features figure in the new design:

  • Safety: Enhanced resilience to failure.

The patented QP of the WH C4 chain hoist has four independent pawls, each which provide a 4:1 factor of safety and which will operate safely should any individual pawls or pawl springs fail.

  • Proven: Tested for durability.
  • Proof tested to over 3,000 cycles; twice the required standard of BS EN 13157.

Endurance: Improved performance to weight ratio

WH C4 is manufactured with strict quality of design and materials to make it weigh less. Its reduced unit mass reduces the risk of injury to the user during handling, transfer and rigging.

With the deployment of this patented design and technology it is no wonder this world leader and pioneer of offshore lifting hoists and chains continues to occupy its pre-eminent position in the sector.

This is positioned as the safest and most efficient chain hoist in the world – comforting to operators in what is arguably one of the most dangerous operations globally.