SeaDirect maritime VSAT service launched by NBS Maritime

NBS Maritime, an international company specialising in mobile satellite communications for the maritime sector and an ISSA Member, now offers a new complete solution for satellite communications with unlimited Internet connection onboard different types of vessels. Among the first NBS Maritime customers using SeaDirect are international shipping companies as well as superyachts.

In order to provide flexible and cost-effective plans, SeaDirect is now available over the areas of the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the North-East Atlantic, the Gulf, the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, also it is offered with global coverage. The service is applicable to cargo ships and tankers as well as cruise ships, yachts, subsidiary vessels, platforms, and others.

Alexander Aleksandrov, CEO of NBS Maritime, commented: “Our goal is to develop a communication service that gives more value and more capabilities to vessel owners, providing them with flexibility over the contract period, different options for hardware, high-tech cybersecurity, and prompt implementation process.

“Reliability is one of our main priorities, so we have conducted rigorous tests prior to launching the service officially. Satellite transmission is provided through one of the largest teleports in Europe with built-in terrestrial infrastructure, providing high-quality unlimited Internet connectivity. Besides, we have been working with the leading marine satellite networks, which provide reliable services for our aims – Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya.

“The NBS Maritime team is constantly working on projects related to IoT and smart vessel solutions which will be released in a very short time, with a focus on providing comprehensive solutions to our customers. Our goal is delivering custom-made products to our clients.”

The customers using the SeaDirect service consider that the company’s decision is in favour of their business – facilitating workflows, performing excellent maritime communications in real time, dramatically increased efficiency, helping for reduction of the budget costs, improving competitiveness, and last but not least offering communications and Internet access to crews with their families and relatives.