Survitec lands liferaft contract with Dutch sailing charter company

Safety solutions provider Survitec has reached agreement to provide Tallship Company, a Dutch sailing charter outfit, with 23 Extended Service Rafts (ESR) over a five-year period, with an option to extend for a further five years.

The new equipment will replace existing DSB Inflatable Rescue Boats on the charter vessels and the contract is worth in excess of €160,000 over the term of the deal.

Survitec’s Dutch distribution arm has a longstanding relationship with the Tallship Company and saw off a number of its competitors to secure the contract.

The rafts will be replaced every 24 months to ensure compliance with Dutch regulations which stipulate that onboard medical kits must be regularly refreshed.

This new cycle also synchronises more harmoniously with the sailing season and where the vessels will be located during the exchange period.

All rental rafts provided by Survitec are type and class-approved, certificated and ready-to-use.

Marc Boekhoud, Business Development Manager at Survitec, said: “As much as we love to land new business, it is equally important to us to strengthen our existing relationships as this proves that people are pleased with our products and trust them to perform as expected if deployed.

“We have a lengthy relationship with the Tallship Company extending back many years and replacing its DSB rafts with ESRs means it is keeping up to date with the latest in safety and survival technology. Adapting the service cycle to their needs shows that we are adept at offering bespoke solutions to our customers and working with them to find the right result.”

Jan Bruinsma, Owner of the Tallship Company, said: “We needed to upgrade our liferafts and make investment in the safety element of our business. While we had an existing relationship with Survitec, we still considered other options, but its ESR proposition proved to be the most suitable for our needs, particularly as we are able to replace them more regularly to keep compliant.”