Wrist Ship Supply

Your one-stop resource and full service provider of all your provisions and stores
Wrist Ship Supply is the world’s leading ship and offshore supplier of provisions and stores with a market share around 8 %. Wrist offers a global 24/7 service, including handling of owners’ goods, shipping, air freight and related marine services that meet the demands of international organisations as well as local businesses.

Total supply

Wrist provides a wide range of specialist products to satisfy every crew, including deck, engine, electrical, cabin and bonded stores – everything from a specific brand of coffee to a vital ball bearing for the machine room. Our global sourcing team makes sure that economies of scale are always exploited. Provisions and stores items are sourced locally in competitive areas and distributed to local Wrist warehouses directly.

Wrist consolidates your provisions, stores and spares to reduce your barge costs and our logistics set-up with Wrist hubs globally is key to ensure better coordination and long-time planning of your supplies.

Global network – local excellence

From offices around the globe, all Wrist staff take pride in making it easy for our customers to receive their supplies – wherever and whenever requested – efficiently and at the best possible price.

Wrist coordinates global activities through regional centres in Europe, Far East, Middle East and North America. Our more than 30 operations and 300 partnerships with local suppliers span the world’s sea-lanes and are founded on meeting the current demands of all ship owners and operators as well as the offshore market. Wrist serves vessels offshore and in port, whether it is at berth, anchorages or off-port limits.