MARICHEM MARIGASES Worldwide Services – supplying the industry for almost half a century

MARICHEM MARIGASES Worldwide Services has been manufacturing and providing quality marine chemicals, coatings, chemical equipment, gases and refrigerants, welding machinery, accessories and equipment, and fire-rescue and safety services to the shipping and other industries for almost half a century.

Our wide range of products are available at more than 2,100 ports, supplied by a distribution network of 196 stock points, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The efficient working of our network is achieved with the hard and persistent work of our specialised employees and executive management staff, all operating according to ISO international quality systems. This ensures our commitment to quality management, product efficiency and high-standard services exclusive to our customers.

MARICHEM MARIGASES Worldwide Services is totally committed to meeting the ever-growing needs of the maritime industry and especially the international fleet. Whether it is meeting the constantly rising expectations in quality, efficiency and flexibility or satisfying the demands placed by environmental legislation and strict seaworthiness, our group is up to the challenge.

Our investment in Research and Development for new products as well as the continuous expansion of a solid worldwide network gives us the ability to satisfy customers’ requirements better than our competitors with the combination of high product quality and service at low cost.

As a result, our unique products and services provide optimum performance, prompt, accurate, efficient and reliable results making MARICHEM MARIGASES Worldwide Services your global partner for successful shipping.