Mombasa Shipchandlers Ltd – suppliers to ships docked at the Port of Mombasa

Our policy:
Our policy is to make the customer number one and fulfil their requirements through a quality-focused, secure and efficient supply chain within an infrastructure that considers the environment and the stakeholders who support it.

In line with our goal for continuous improvement, we strive to constantly assess and re-assess our business processes and make sure each stage contributes peerlessly in delivering the requirements of the customer.

Our policy is to constantly evaluate our service and take immediate action to ensure we are providing the best quality and value-for-money products and services.

Our quality management system applies intermittent quality checks throughout the supply cycle which checks and cross-checks the product and service that we are offering. Security is paramount throughout our purchasing and supply cycle, whereby the safety of our food is secured through a tight-knit cold chain and secure vehicles. While we adhere to the ISPS Code and local port regulations of supply, our ultimate goal is to provide the customer with peace of mind in their purchasing, and security for all stakeholders involved in the supply process.

Our customers:
Our customers range from ship chandlers, suppliers, provisions specialists, the Port of Mombasa, commercial ships, naval ships and cruise liners to offshore installations and research vessels.

Our products and services to ships:
‘Meet and greet’ on arrival, supply of selected fresh and dry stores, admiralty charts, fire and safety equipment, technical stores, chemical and gases, deck stores, diving and cleaning, duty free goods, clearing and forwarding, pest control, boarding doctors, free chauffeur services, water supply and price-matching policy.

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