Moscord recruits Klint to help enable future of ship supplies segment

Moscord, the rapidly growing e-marketplace for maritime supplies, has recruited Michael Klint from Seven Seas Group as its new Director of Operations.

Mr Klint will now take on responsibility for Moscord’s operation centre in Manila, the Philippines, ensuring that both customers and suppliers using the digital procurement platform get a level of value, efficiency and service delivery previously unavailable in the ship supplies market.

Moscord provides a direct digital trading platform whereby customers can buy ship supply products directly from suppliers. The service provides complete pricing transparency, allowing users to browse products at set contracted prices, assessing and ordering the exact type and quality of product they need (ranging from consumables, to engine parts, safety equipment, tools and uniforms). Suppliers and manufacturers, meanwhile, get direct connections with customers and a powerful, efficient and cost-effective sales channel. Schneider Electric is the latest high-profile brand owner to sign up to the platform.

“This is exactly what the industry wants,” commented Mr Klint, who joined on 1st January after almost four years with Seven Seas, most recently as Regional Commercial Director MEEA.

“In my experience of talking to literally thousands of clients, both with Seven Seas and my previous employer Wrist Group, I’ve been told time and time again that owners, operators and managers want greater control, transparency and value from their procurement. The higher data quality and improved data handling we can achieve with Moscord’s unique platform enables this.

“Customers don’t want to be told what they need on their vessels, they want to choose the right products, at the right costs, for their needs. Suppliers get responsive, direct and efficient connections, revolutionising customer engagement, understanding, and business decision-making. It’s a win-win.”

He continued: “In addition, the simple nature of the lean digital interface means that there’s no longer a need to outsource the purchasing of provisions and technical consumables to third parties – customers can therefore have complete procurement control, with no third party setting the prices. This is efficient, transparent and optimal in terms of value. It is the future and, as such, represents a hugely exciting opportunity for both myself and Moscord.”

He said Moscord’s e-marketplace speeds up processes, makes buying and selling supplies more quality transparent and less error prone, as well as saving labour hours spent in communication and administration.

“Ship owners can accelerate their commercial processes without sacrificing operational excellence,” said Mr Klint.

Danish native Klint, who has worked in Dubai, Canada, the US and the Maldives during his ship supply career, will effectively be “right hand man” to Moscord Founder and CEO Freddy Ingemann, being responsible for the important data handling and logistics process together with the highly skilled operation team in Manila.

Ingemann says his role is key for an ambitious business that has targeted seizing 10% of the entire global ship supply sector, within its relevant categories, over the course of the next five years. This market share, he added, will ensure the best prices, while the lean process and control will increase job satsifaction for those working within ship supply purchasing.

“Michael has a proven track record of generating outstanding business results, while demonstrating a keen understanding of customer and supplier needs, as well as the value of data,” he noted. “He will help provide structure, efficiency and value as we grow, ensuring Moscord delivers on its huge promise and transforms maritime procurement.”

Mr Klint is the latest addition to a high level executive team that was recently boosted by the arrival of Lars Rosenkrands, former CEO of Seven Seas Group, as Commercial Director. The Moscord platform currently offers well over 100,000 quality products, with on time, last-mile delivery to the worldwide ports and locations desired by customers.

Moscord is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Copenhagen and the Philippines.