Spry Asia Group

Spry Asia Group Co., Ltd.is a part of a group of offices, who has branches located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand, undertaking supplies and marine services to the shipping, naval organizations and oil and gas offshore majors and their contractors at all ports in Thailand.

Spry Asia Group Co., Ltd. supplies food, beverages, consumables and technical stores and also arrange refilling for gases, repairs/rewinding for electrical motors, repair refrigeration plants, renewal for steel during cargo operation, trans-shipment of sea and air freight cargo from ship owners/managers etc.

Spry Asia Group Co., Ltd. is the first ship supplier in Thailand to have achieved the ISO 9001:2015, HACCP and GMP accreditations and we strive to continue to add further certifications and memberships in the future, as an assurance to our customers with regards to the service and supplies, which we provide.

Spry Asia Group Co., Ltd. has dedicated employees, who have many years’ experience in servicing the marine and offshore industries and we all follow the company mission statement to:

Always perform our utmost to assist our customers in enabling them to be successful in their business and to fulfil or exceed their expectations for our services
We believe that the effort to achieve the ISO accreditation and further certifications and memberships will assist in the continual expansion for our company and at the same time assist us to be able to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Yours sincerely
Sten Olesen

Spry Asia Group Co., Ltd. Is able to offer a one-stop service for the various requirements for supplies and services for the marine and offshore industries, weather it being supply for common consumable stores or an urgent bearing or repair of electrical motors or fabrication jobs, due to our extensive network of suppliers and contractors, which we have established throughout the many years of being in service.

We are due to this network able to fulfil almost any requirements, which our customers request, even when limited time is available, either locally from Thailand or from overseas.

The necessity for having stores and spares delivered with short notice, was the reason why we decided to establish our own inventory, which we maintain at all times.

We presently stock around 3000 items for various types of products, which we import direct from dealers and manufacturers from overseas, consisting of tools, consumables, ropes and other products, which we are unable to procure at competitive prices in Thailand.